Bring down the booked jobs onto your mobile device by using the 'Refresh' Icon (Double arrows)

When you press on this icon all booked jobs within the date range (to change the date range press on the downwards triangle icon to the right corner of the top bar) will be displayed. If you have a "manager status login" you will see all jobs not only for you, but also any clerks carrying out work for you. You will need access to Wi-Fi to do this

NOTE: The jobs are not yet ready to receive data - they need to be individually downloaded (see below)

Once the booked jobs are displayed on your screen, select the job(s) you wish to work on and download them by pressing the downwards arrow to the left of the job details. You will need access to Wi-Fi to do this.

Once pressed, the arrow will disappear and a circle which turns blue to indicate the progress of the download will appear.

Once the download is complete an Open Report button will appear to the right hand side which when pressed will take you into the job. You will also see the left hand arrow change direction to point upwards (this enables you to upload the job to KMS once complete).

Once downloaded the job is automatically "locked" to the user that has downloaded it, and is ready to accept data. You do not need Wi-Fi to add in data.

The Expand All toggle displays additional information on the job e.g. number of bedrooms, furnished/unfurnished, job number.


When a job has been downloaded but not yet started/completed, if it is subsequently updated via KMS on the web i.e. unlocked and updated… will need to delete the job on the mobile Kaptur app by swiping left on the job details and then pressing delete. Once deleted press the "Refresh" button and re-download the job which will then contain the updated version.