Once signed into Kaptur, the 1st screen you will see is the Jobs List Screen.

The icon in the left corner of the top bar is used to 'Log-out' of Kaptur 

When pressed you will be taken to the Log-out screen

The information icon when pressed take you to a screen which;

  • Advises which version of the Kaptur software is being used
  • Takes you to the Kaptur website
  • Takes you to the Kaptur help screen which contains "How to Articles" and enables you to raise support tickets
  • Takes you to the terms and privacy policy

The pointing upwards arrow is used to upload jobs to KMS once completed (see the uploading jobs article)

The circular arrows icon (Refresh) shows all booked jobs within the date range - If you have 'manager status login' you will see all jobs not only for you but also any clerks carrying out work for you.

Note: The jobs still need to be downloaded by pressing the download button on the job (see the downloading jobs article)

The right corner icon enables you to filter the jobs displayed by date ranges