To keep the iPad and Kaptur running efficiently there are 5 suggestions that we recommend. 

  1. Only ONE login per iPad, multiple login's against one iPad can make diagnosing any issues problematic and can cause issues when uploading and downloading jobs from KMS
  2. Any photo that is taken via Kaptur will also be stored in the iPad gallery; this is to safeguard in case any data were to go missing during the upload back to KMS. However once the user can see all the relevant photographs are within KMS and the PDF then these images become redundant. Therefore we recommend a once a week wipe down of the photos from the gallery. Please delete the photos, rather than simply deleting the folder. Please see image below and make sure that your device is set up the same. This is found in the device settings and the Kaptur App section within this settings section. You also need to check that you have an Album in the gallery called ‘KapturPhotos"
  3. Users have reported that over time iPad’s & Kaptur can become less efficient when linked with Apple’s iCloud. Therefore we  recommend disabling this. To do so, access Settings>Apple ID ’Name’ >iCloud>Kaptur ‘disable’
  4. Once a week we recommend that the Kaptur App is reset. This is actioned by accessing Settings within the Kaptur app, scrolling to the bottom of the page and pressing ‘Reset Application Data’. Please only do this when you have uploaded all your jobs as this wipes the databases and gives you new ones.
  5. Only upload a job to KMS once. If for any reason the data does not appear, do not re upload as this can cause loss of images and the error message ‘image unavaliable’ Please contact Kaptur Support and we will advise.
  6. Please report any error messages to the Kaptur team as soon as they occur so that we can advise. Do not continue to use the device, as this could cause loss of data and may not be recoverable.