Depositary are relatively new to the market offering to remove 80% of end of tenancy admin.  As we all know, the end of tenancy process can be stressful and sometimes messy, so Depositary are looking to solve this problem for both agent and tenant.  The platform presents the tenant with all the facts and evidence required when dilapidations are present and a deposit deduction is proposed.  Deductions can be very emotive and the automation is designed to remove the “opinion” piece away from the agent by presenting all the facts in one place.


This is where our integration comes in – for agents who use both Depositary and No Letting Go, the check out dilapidations will upload from our system into Depositary, no need for additional admin or extra data entry.  Agents are looking for tech solutions to aid efficiency, so the more integrations we can create, the easier it becomes to select NLG as their preferred supplier.  This is a great benefit to share with your existing and potential agents, and we will be supplying marketing assets for use with your agents shortly.


How to set up the integration between NLG & Depositary