Client set up tool box 

This document details all of the various ways in which we can set up a client. 

Set up by NLG HQ 

1. Reports can be white labelled, displaying the clients logo, phone number and email address 

2. NLG & Kaptur integrate with Teclet - Teclet is a piece of technology that allows agents to order a multitude of services, one of which is property reporting with us. 

Set up by the franchisee 

3. A credit value can be applied (either a nominated amount of percentage) to the invoice of a client. 

4. Digi sign - configurable and is available to use on multiple job types 

5. “Sub clients” can be created to mirror the portfolio set up of the client 

6. Invoicing can be consolidated or individualised 

7. You can grant a contact the ability to view invoices (these are stored individually against the job). 

8. Fixflo integration can be enabled - upon a check out being sent, the dilapidations are automatically sent to the client’s Fixflo account - from here the client can manage their maintenance 

9. By default, the previous report overview photos can be copied over when setting up the rooms 

10. The system can automatically include the landlord when paperwork is sent 

11. The original creator of the job request can receive all notifications along with another designated member of the client’s organisation 

12. Bulk invoice, one inv per email - a client can either receive one email with all invoices, or one email per invoice