It can be frustrating when you are need to go out and complete your jobs but they are not syncing down onto your tablet.

There are a few reasons why your jobs may not sync down to your tablet, please check the following -

- WiFi connection (you have to have WiFi connection in order to download/upload any jobs at any given time)

- If an alert box comes up and states " PIMS AUTHENTICATION ERROR" this means that either your username or password has been typed incorrectly. This happens quite frequently, therefore I would suggest always making note of your details in case this happens. Both the iPad's & Android tablets are case sensitive please remember it may default to a capital letter at the start. 

- Remember that your jobs have to be booked in on KMS before you can sync them to your tablet, they have to contain both the start/date & also the time. If this isn't entered, then the job will not download.

- If you haven't been assigned the job as a clerk, this will also be another reason why your job may not sync down onto your tablet. 

If you have checked all of these steps above and the jobs are still not syncing down, please contact Head Office on 01322 555128 ( option 2 for Software )