First time users click the following link for set-up instructions before continuing

First time iOS user Kaptur Set-up

1. Homescreen, tap 'Start' to begin.

Tap to click-through to the Kaptur support helpdesk where you can find useful step-by-step guides or log a fault.

You will need either WIFI or Network connection for Steps 1 through to 4 and then Step 7 for Upload.

(If you don't have a Username and Password please call 01322 555128 option 2 and talk to us about setting up your account).

The Kaptur Inventory Pro works in conjunction with the Kaptur Management Suite (KMS) which is the back end system to the Kaptur Inventory Pro where all Jobs are managed

When you Tap Start on the Home screen you will always be taken to the 'Todays Jobs' Screen, you will notice 'No Jobs are available, Please sync with the Kaptur Management Suite is initially displayed until you have downloaded your jobs.

2. Todays Jobs, go to the Sync screen via the menu option

3. KMS Sync, tap on the orange download sync arrow to download your jobs, a complete blue line will indicate all Jobs within your selected number of days on the settings have been downloaded.

Tap on the 'Todays Jobs' back arrow at the top of the screen to take you back to the Todays Jobs screen or select Future, Todays or Past Jobs from the menu option

4. Jobs screen, lock your Jobs by tapping onto the padlock icon 

Locking your job will enable you to work offline on your device and will disable editing in the Kaptur Management Suite).

if you don't lock your jobs you will be unable to make any changes.

There is a map icon which is linked to your address tap to activate maps.

5. Jobs screen, tap anywhere on the white area of your job to begin

6. Your first screen is the Job details screen from here work your way each screen swiping through adding photos and data.

For step-by-step instructions of how to add data and photos to each screen click through to each of the links listed below after item 7 or type a question in the search bar on the support helpdesk home page

(Front Page)

Job Details screen

Front of Property Photo


Rooms screen explained

How do I change the order of the room or delete rooms in the list

How do I add a new room

How do I re-name a room

How do I copy rooms

How do I select a Room to edit

Where do I take room overview photographs in the Rooms screen

How do I add a room summary condition

How do I add a room item description

How do I add a 'New Item Heading'

How do I delete an 'Item Heading' 

How do I add room Item photographs 

How do I use the dictation module to make an Inventory recording 

How do I copy room items from one room to another

(Check Out Report)

How do I add a damage / dilapidation to my Check Out report

(Other Screens)

Glossary of Terms




Additional Information


Key Signatures


Signing the Report / Declaration screen

When you are finished and ready to upload / sync to the Kaptur Management Suite 

7. Jobs screen, move the slider to select for upload and tap on the 'Upload' button at the bottom of the screen.

You can also upload / sync your jobs via the 'Sync' Screen

The status of your job is depicted by the colour shown in the status bar at the bottom of the Jobs screen;

Modified (Green) - This job contains new data added by your device, if you download via the sync screen this data will be protected and will not be overwritten

Outdated (Yellow) - This job contains old data i.e. data that has already been uploaded to KMS this data is not protected and can be overwritten if you download via the sync screen. You can make changes when the status is yellow and add additional data this will turn the status colour back to Green and can be re-uploaded.

Processing (Orange) - Some jobs may take some time to upload i.e. if you WIFI or Network connection is slow so the job may turn orange before it will turn Yellow.

8. During the upload you can see the images being successfully uploaded

If during the upload process one or more of your images fails to upload this will be indicated by a RED failed notice and message will appear on the screen.

If this happens Retry the upload if this fails again raise a ticket by selecting 'Support' from the main menu and click through to the web link provided.

9. Jobs screen, unlock your Jobs by tapping onto the padlock icon 

Uocking your job will enable you to edit your jobs in the Kaptur Management Suite).

10. Repeat the process to add new jobs / upload

Please note: Syncing will remove ALL jobs that are colour white that are outside the date range, any job that is at Modified (Green), Processing (Orange) or that have failed upload will remain on the device.