For Inventory related jobs the standard wording at the front of report is that “all items listed are in a good condition and cleaned to a good domestic standard, unless otherwise stated”.There is a facility to change this phrase, under [Glossary of Terms].

When the screen is edited, the user is presented with selectable options on [condition] and [cleanliness] for example, if a property was brand new, and all items were in an unused, brand new condition and it was clean to a professional standard, the user could change the phrase for the inventory to “all items listed are brand new, in and unused condition, and professionally cleaned, unless otherwise stated”. This means that the user would not have to enter the words “brand new” in the condition column of the inventory.


Simply tap on the line for the drop-down options for Conditions and Cleanliness terms.
Each report is defaulted to;
Good Condition, Good Domestic Clean Standard

Tip....Or you can just use this screen to remind you of the Glossary of Terms and definitions