In your selected Room and under the 'Room Summary Section' you will be presented with a standard Inventory template.

  • To add a room item description simply tap on the selected room item line area for example if you wanted to add an item for a 'Door' tap anywhere on the line under the heading 'Door'


  • A Room Item pop-up box will appear.
  • Double tap on the Item Description line to see the dictionary and using a scroll action with your finger search the items in the list, ensure your selected item shows in the narrow window (see example screenshot below showing item selected 'White painted wood panelled door' and select 'Done' above.
  • Double tap on the Initial Condition line to see the dictionary for conditions using a scroll action with your finger same process as above.


  • If you don't see your item listed simply select cancel and tap into the Item description box and the soft keyboard will appear, simply type your description, this new item will be added to your dictionary for next time.
  • Once completed select 'Close' to return to the Rooms screen