How does it work!

Fixflo is used by Agents for Tenants to report repairs during the tenancy.

Our integration with Fixflo means that when you are reporting repairs via our Kaptur Inventory software at the Check Out at the end of the tenancy each repair is sent including the photograph direct into your clients Fixflo portal much like when the tenant reports a repair.

Please see sample report attached that your client can expect to receive via Fixflo from Kaptur.

What we need to link Kaptur to your Clients Fixflo portal

1. Your client would have been provided with a custom subdomain through which they access fixflo.          This will be of the form

https://[custom domain] 

Please provide us with the custom domain without the "" ending

2. Before we can send data from Kaptur to Fixflo, your client will need to provide Kaptur with an 'authentication token'. This is a secret key which can be used to allow Kaptur to send data directly to your clients Fixflo system.

To set up an authentication token within Fixflo your client can click to follow the instructions here (or copy and paste into their browser) 

When asked for an 'APP ID' by Fixflo they should enter 'KAPTUR'

Alternatively if your client is having difficulty accessing the information needed we can do this for them, they just need to provide us with the following;

1. Their Fixflo custom subdomain through which they access Fixflo, in the following form


2. Their Fixflo client login username and password

Call us at HQ on 01322 555128 (Op 2) for more information

*Hints and Tips

Please be mindful that for each repair / damage dilapidation that has been recorded an individual repair report will be created and this will be emailed to your client and be viewable within your clients Fixflo portal.

You may wish to consider grouping cleaning items and grouping repairs required throughout the property so your client does not receive too many reports / emails.

Please notify your client of the above before proceeding.