There are two different report variations for both 'Inventory' and 'Check Out' style reports, this is set up in the client screen under the report variations heading, where you can choose a default setting. 

You have two options of report style for each report type.

For 'Check In' reports you have either 'Inventory and Check In' or 'Check in report', depending which one you chose will depend on the final report layout. If you chose 'Inventory and Check in' then for all Inventory type jobs which will include, Inventory, Check in, Inventory & Check in and Update you will see both the ‘Room Summary and Inventory template’ on your final PDF report, if however you chose  ‘Check In report’ you only see the ‘Room Summary and no Inventory template’


For Check Outs you can choose ‘Manually created Check Out with Dilapidations’ the final report will show the Room Summary and dilapidations, or Full Inventory with Check Out column completed will show ‘Room Summary, full Inventory with the dilapidation in the Check Out column and Dilapidations shown at the bottom of each room.


You can also change the report variation in the job details page under service required.