From the Home dashboard and under the heading 'Set Up' select 'Clients'

All current clients will be listed click onto the name of the client to edit

Click on the Add button at the bottom of the screen to add a new client 

Complete all necessary fields, there are default configuration options as display;

  • Show DD Responsibility - This will show the Damage / Dilapidation responsibility in the final document, select 'No' if you don't want to see this column for your client
  • Client Field as filename - When the client adds a reference to a specific job this reference will be included within the filename
  • Send Notifications - All email and text notifications are activated, select 'No' to turn off notifications
  • Show Tenant Forwarding Address - This is for all Check Out reports whereby the tenants forwarding address is recorded, select 'No' if you don't want to see the forwarding address appearing on your reports for this client
  • Set Different Invoice Report - This option will appear as a drop-down selection on the Job details screen and will allow you to create a different Job name Invoice i.e. if you are doing an update to Inventory and Check In but want to Invoice for a full Inventory and Check In, select 'No' if you don't want to see this option appear on your job details screen for this client
  • Copy Previous Room Photos - This defaults to 'No', select 'Yes' to copy over the previous reports room photos
  • Has Sub Clients - Select 'Yes' if you want to add sub clients for a specific client, a new tab will appear for you to add details of the sub-client and this option will appear on your clients Job details screen.

Report Variations

  • For Check In reports there are two report variations - Check In report or Inventory & Check In report the default option here is 'Check In' select this option to change
  • For Check Out reports there are two report variations - Manually created Check Out with Dilapidations or Full Inventory with Check Out column completed the default option here is 'Manually created Check Out with Dilapidations' select this option to change.

On-Stop Details

You can create a message that will appear at the top of your clients screen, this may be an unpaid Invoice related message for example 

Automatic Job Notifications 

You can select here three options of when the client receives Job notifications 

Click the 'Save' Button once all information has been entered