Creating a check out using a third party inventory is fairly straightforward. 


Create your rooms as noted in your third party inventory, take room overview photos and complete the summary sections for each room as you go.  


Read through your third party inventory and walk through property, when you come across a damage for example large crack to 'Door' 


Add your description of the door using the pencil icon on the line item for example 'White painted four panelled' then select the orange plus button on the 'Door'  line item to add the Damage, select a category for example 'Damage', then select 'Action/comment' for example 'Not consistent with the Inventory' and select responsibility for example 'Tenant'.

Take photo of the damage using the small camera Icon within the same pop-up window and then click 'Save'


When you preview this on the declaration page to go through the report with the tenant your Room summary and just the dilapidations will show but not the unused lines of the inventory template 


There is no need to delete any of the unused lines,  when you have synced back to the edit suite go to 'Rooms' and click on 'Manual Check out with dilaps' bottom left corner to create your paperwork with just summaries and dilapidations for each room.