Connect your tablet or mobile device to Wi-Fi or network and sign in to Kaptur;


Kaptur’ will default to the ‘Today's Jobs’ Screen.


  • The Settings screen is accessed via the Main Menu
  • To access the drop-down main menu, tap onto the small grey triangle on the black section at the top of the screen and right of 'Todays Jobs'
  • From the drop-down menu select ‘Settings’ this will take you to the ‘Settings’ screen
  • The Kaptur software version number will be displayed at the top of the screen in purple together with the Tablet Support ID and software serial numbers and PIMS Login details.
  • To set your Tablet name, tap the Tablet Settings Name text field and the soft keyboard will appear, type the name of your Tablet so this can be identified by the Support team. For example this can be your name and the area of your business.
  • To set how many weeks jobs are downloaded to Kaptur from the edit suite, select between 1 and 4 weeks of jobs to be displayed in your job lists for both Previous and Future jobs
  • There are three support buttons to the bottom of the screen and these should only be used upon request by the Kaptur support team
  • Tap ‘Save Settings’ after any changes made
  • Tap again onto the small grey triangle at the top of the screen to access the drop-down menu select 'Today's Jobs' to return


Click on the video clip below to see how