When the declaration page has been signed by both Tenant and Clerk in kaptur, a picture of each is uploaded to PIMS and will be added to the report.
These can be found in the [Signatures] section.

These signatures can be deleted and also reviewed and saved to your PC, you can also browse to upload signatures stored on your PC.

For Inventory and Check In type reports there is a drop-down menu selection for you to add both set of signatures to the Inventory and Check In signatures sections of the report.

From the Home dashboard and under the heading 'Operations' select 'All Jobs' 


Select your Job from the list and from the Job Details screen select 'Report Editor' from the tabs at the top of the screen.


In the 'Report Editor' select 'Signatures' from the left hand side of the screen, to download your signatures click on the download icon, to delete click on the red bin icon and click 'Edit' on the right hand side to upload new signatures from your PC.