Because the reports are data driven, sometimes the sections span a page which can look a little odd. For example, a room might have the heading and the first couple of lines at the bottom of one page and the rest of the room items on the next page, you can add page breaks in the 'Report Editor'

From the Home dashboard and under the heading 'Operations' select 'All Jobs' 


Select your Job from the list and from the Job Details screen select 'Report Editor' from the tabs at the top of the screen.


In the 'Report Editor' select 'Report Layout' from the left hand side of the screen and select 'Edit' from the right hand side of the screen.

The screen will show the left-hand panel listing the various sections/rooms/items that make up the report, and the right-hand panel presenting the PDF document.
By using the options in the left column, select the room or section and by using tick boxes, choose where you want to insert a page break, select 'Save' to complete 
which will give you an amended PDF.