You can create a dilapidation within the 'Report Editor' for your Check Out Job

From the Home dashboard and under the heading 'Operations' select 'All Jobs' 


Select your Job from the list and from the Job Details screen select 'Report Editor' from the tabs at the top of the screen.


In the 'Report Editor' select 'Rooms' from the left hand side of the screen.

Click on your selected room and select 'Edit' on the right hand side of the screen

 The dilapidations screen has several free-text data fields and drop-down options

  • Category – Cleaning, Maintenance, Missing, Damage
  • Liability – Tenant, Landlord, Unable to Determine
  • Actions – Fair Wear & Tear, Excessive to Check In/Inventory

Dilapidation Photos
Four photos can be added per dilapidation item, and each has the option to add a photo text ‘caption’.
Remember that one room item (ie; oven) could have several dilapidations in different Categories (ie; glass broken under ‘Damage’, and burnt on grease under ‘Cleaning’) so several dilapidations would be created.