You can copy an Identical Property Inventory template to another Job within the 'Report Editor'

Please note this facility will copy the property inventory with all room items but NOT condition or the photos, you must add this yourself; (the theory is that the property layout may be identical but the condition will not).

From the Home dashboard and under the heading 'Operations' select 'All Jobs' 


Select your Job from the list and from the Job Details screen select 'Report Editor' from the tabs at the top of the screen.


In the 'Report Editor' select 'Rooms' from the left hand side of the screen.

Click on the 'Copy Rooms From Another Job' button under the heading 'Room Actions' 

Click onto the search icon to search the property you wish to copy and select from the addresses in the pop-up window.

Click 'Save'

*Tip... if you want to copy the Inventory template with the conditions, please search for the article 'How do I copy report data'.