In the Declaration screen; there are two signature boxes; one for the Inventory Clerk / Agent and one for the Tenant / Tenants representative.

  • Using the stylus or your finger, sign in the appropriate box
  • Select the 'Save Signatures' button at the bottom of the screen (If you move off this screen without selecting 'Save Signatures' these signatures will not save.

*Tip, You can carry-on working on your report once the 'Save Signatures' button has been selected, 

**If you don't select 'Save Signatures' button your signatures will not be saved.

  • Select 'Save Signatures' button and 'Sign Off' button to complete your report 
**If you select 'Sign Off' button you will no longer be able to work on your report in the tablet you will only be able to review / edit once uploaded to the Edit suite (PIMS). You can upload to to the edit suite without selecting the 'Sign Off' button.