The Keys screen is where you can record keys provided for the tenancy which is either located in the property and/or handed over to the tenant at the Check In

You may be presented with existing empty data entry lines or part-filled lines, the data is entered by free text field or choose from the drop-down menu as applicable.
Tap into each of the fields and the soft keyboard will appear and simply type.

If no lines are presented then simply tap on the orange +icon at the top right of the screen to add a new line.

Enter the key Lock type i.e. Front Door

Select from the drop-down the key make i.e. Yale, Chubb or If you cannot find your key type from the drop-down list, select ‘Other Key Make’ and type in the Key into the ‘Other key make’ column

Enter the quantity of keys of each different type

Select the camera icon to the top left of the hand side to take a photograph

To delete a photograph, Tap the photo and select delete image.