On your Today's Job Screen you will see your Jobs listed.

Before starting your Job always remember to lock your job whilst you are still connected to the WI-FI, this is to prevent amendments being made to the mirrored job on the Edit suite (PIMS) and overwriting your work.

*Please note: If you try to edit the job without locking a warning message will appear, simply go back to the Today's Job screen using the tablet back button to lock your job using the padlock icon located on the left hand side of your selected Job.


Once your Job/s are locked you can start your Job without WI-FI or network connection.


  • On your selected Job tap onto the address area i.e. in-between the Padlock icon and the Map Icon, 
  • The job details page will appear. (Please remember if you haven't locked your job a warning message will appear and you won't be able to edit your report)

We recommend you check through the Job details and complete all missing information or amend as necessary, there are drop-down choices and free text fields for you to do this.

For example if you arrive at a property and the property is Unfurnished but your Job notes Furnished then you can select from the drop-down box to change – any changes will be automatically saved once you swipe to leave the screen

Click on the video clip below to see how