You can use your smartphone as a Mobile hotspot to and share your phones 3G/4G connection when you are out and about so you can download your jobs

On your smartphone do the following;

  • Go to 'Settings' 
  • Select 'Mobile Hotspot and tethering' (you may need to choose 'Wireless and Networks' first) 
  • Select 'Mobile Hotspot' and switch on 
  • Your Smartphone name and password will be displayed

On your tablet do the following;
  • Go to 'Settings'
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • You should see your smartphone name appear in the Wi-Fi list, please select
  • Add the password where prompted

You should now be connected, just download your new job/s and then lock your Job/s 

On your Smartphone turn-off your Mobile Hotspot once you're done