Currently Kaptur works on Android based tablets (eg. Samsung) and iOS based tablets and phones (eg. Apple). 

Kaptur is not currently compatible with any Android phones

Kindly note that Kaptur Inventory Pro is best suited to Android 4.4.2 and above (you can find this in 'Settings' and then 'About Device'). Kaptur Inventory Pro is best suited to the following tablets:

  • Lenovo TAB 2 10"
  • Samsung Tab A8

 Please note that Samsung Galaxy 9.7 or Galaxy Tab 2 8" are not compatible

Kaptur works best on the Samsung Tab A8 and later versions. The Samsung Samsung Tab A8, 10.1 tablet is widely used by our clients and come highly recommended due to the larger screen and keypad

The device needs to have a 10" screen, a rear facing camera with a minimum 2 megapixel camera to deliver good quality photos, and 3G or Wi-Fi to submit the reports.

There are other Android devices out there to choose from, our support team will be happy to confirm the device you wish to use please contact us at;